With the global growth of corporate philanthropy, companies strive to make a larger and more meaningful impact in their community. TRUiST’s Corporate Gift Matching and Volunteer Grants programs boost contributions and encourage employees to exceed their company’s philanthropic goals, while providing additional impact dollars to their charities. Companies are offered match program flexibility, including custom match percentages and match amount cutoffs, to meet company budgets and goals.

With TRUiST’s Gift Matching program, employees are notified directly from the campaign site how much a company will match their donation. With our Volunteer Grants program, qualified charities are eligible to receive grants after an employee has volunteered their time for a specified amount of hours within a designated timeframe. Incentivizing giving and volunteering has never been easier. Employees love to see how far their contributions can go!

  • Increase motivation and engagement for employees to give and volunteer
  • Provide an effortless user experience with an easy-to-use pledge process and intuitive volunteer opportunity search options
  • In a Corporate Gift Matching program, employees are automatically alerted the match amount right from the campaign site
  • Employees can easily log hours and track grants earned throughout the Volunteer Grants program period

  • Real-time Gift Match reporting with export customization options
  • Advanced Volunteer Grants reporting with a variety of export options
  • Integrated communication options from our Campaign Management solution for Gift Matching or our Volunteer Solutions platform for Volunteer Grants
  • International Gift Matching options
  • Rely on the most-up-to-date and frequently vetted worldwide charity database
  • Secure & PCI Compliant
  • Dedicated Account Managers to provide training and handle any issues
  • System creates corporate match detail report to easily track corporate match information
  • Companies set custom rules and parameters for their program, including the matching percentage and total match threshold



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