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Employee Engagement Ideas That Work


Employee Engagement Ideas That Work

Think about some of your company’s best employees. These are the top performers who serve as role models to others and build excitement in the workplace. These employees work hard, give back to the company, and have a strong sense of loyalty that drives their work above and beyond their job description. This is the essence of employee engagement.

Smart managers know that happy employees stay in their jobs longer, are more productive, and report higher levels of job satisfaction. They develop emotional bonds with their company and seek to improve the workplace. Employee engagement plays a significant role in retaining the best employees, which is why leading companies have made it a top priority. Here are some tips on how you can strengthen employee engagement within your own company.

Foster an Environment of Openness

Employees want their voices to be heard. They don’t want to feel like management has something to hide, their opinion doesn’t matter, or that they can’t speak up. Fostering an environment of openness will help employees feel like a valued part of the company. It is important to have a true two-way dialogue with employees. Let them know what’s going on behind the scenes in the company and show them that you’re willing to listen. Encourage employee feedback and then act on or respond to their comments. This lets your staff know the company takes employee concerns seriously and cares about what they have to say.

Build Trust by Giving Employees Freedom

Just as employees want to be heard by their employer, they also want to feel trusted. Your company had enough faith in your employees’ abilities to hire them in the first place, so now allow them shine in their roles. Encourage your employees to make certain decisions without seeking prior approval. Provide convenient work options, such as flexible hours or the opportunity to telecommute, and allow employees to use some company time to pursue volunteer activities. These actions show the company views its employees as trusted professionals who will work to the best of their ability without an administrator micromanaging every aspect of their work.

Show Employees They Make a Difference

Without your employees, your company simply couldn’t do business. Employees keep the company running and keep your customers happy. You can increase employee engagement by actively acknowledging the wonderful work they do as a team. You can also show employees how they make a difference beyond the company’s core business mission by highlighting the impact of the company’s philanthropy initiatives, corporate volunteer programs, and other charitable giving. Recognizing these causes reminds employees they’re making a difference beyond their place of work.

Think Globally

The modern world is truly an international community. The actions a company takes can have a far-reaching impact that easily affects people on the other side of the globe. As technology has broken down the barriers of communication, employees have come to better understand how these global connections work. Show your employees that your company has a commitment to the global community by providing them with opportunities to participate in international philanthropy. When your staff knows that their work reaches across borders, it can foster excitement among employees looking to engage on a global level.

Recognize Employee Achievements

Employees thrive on positive feedback. Knowing that someone took note of their exceptional job performance can be motivation enough to make them work even harder. Acknowledging excellence also sets an example for other employees, encouraging them to aspire to higher levels of performance. Take the time to regularly recognize individual employees who go the extra mile, volunteer for the extra task, or are active in giving back to the community. You can easily acknowledge these employees through newsletters, announcements at staff meetings, social media, or on your company website.

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